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ICD-10 Prep


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If you still feel unprepared for ICD-10, now is the time to get ready. With less than 30 days before the big deadline, we are going to give you the information you need to get Medisoft or Lytec set up and ready for ICD-10. Get critical ICD-10 information specific to your software. Make sure you're ready & have all the critical information you need to get your software and your staff ready.

Don't miss our FREE ICD-10 Prep where we'll show you how to:

  • Convert your Existing ICD-9 Codes to ICD-10
  • Easily Do a Mass Import of ICD-10 Codes
  • Correctly Setup Your Software for Testing Claims
  • Quickly Search for Codes (Without a bulky code book)
  • And much more!

This will be critical for your practice to know how to do.... and we'll teach it to you for free.  

This Training is Free, But Registration is Required Due to High Demand & Limited Space.

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The Conference Is Free - Registration Is Required
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Get Prepared For ICD-10
Even if you have already upgraded to the latest version of Medisoft or Lytec, you won't want to miss this. We will show you the most effective ways to get Medisoft and Lytec ready for ICD-10. 

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What this webinar does NOT include

This is not ICD-10 code training! We will not cover how to properly code using ICD-10. This is not a complete Medisoft setup or a billing training. We are assuming that you will have a basic working knowledge of Medisoft and billing. This training covers only how to use the new ICD-10 features built into Medisoft, and how to get new codes into the program for your use.

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