Please Tell Me You're Not Paying Staff To Remind Patients About Appointments?!?

There Is A Better Way To Reduce Missed Appointments & Avoid Lost Revenue. The Solution Is AutoRemind.

  • Remind Patients using Text, Email, or Phone.
  • It Confirms or Reschedules Based on Patient's Response.
  • It Automatically Updates Your Schedule.
  • You Drastically Reduce No-Shows & Lost Revenue.

Or Worse- You're Not Reminding Them At All?

Fully Integrated with your Scheduling Software. 

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Why Practices Love AutoRemind

Its Cheaper

It costs way more to pay staff to manually call every appointment. Do the math- seriously.

It Requires Zero TIme

Its More Effective

Its Customizeable

How Much Does AutoRemind Cost?


How AutoRemind Works

Patients Easily Confirm, Cancel, or Reschedule

Automatically Updates The Schedule

Automatically Reminds via Text, Email, or Phone Call 

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Staff won't have to lift a finger and all the reminders will automatically happen every day!

Reminds patients according to their preference- text, email, call. Calls are made at optimum time of day (not during work hours).

The Caller ID can show your practice info. Emails can be customized with your logo and pictures. 

Pulls Info Straight from Your Scheduling Software

Reduces Missed Appointments & Increases Revenue

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$99  monthly fee

One Location up to 4 Full Time Providers

Monthly Message Plans for Text & Phone 

Monthly Fee Phone & Text Messages
$15 <150 
$28 150 -249
$39 250 - 349
$48 350 - 449
$60 450 - 649
$82 650 - 849
$99 850 - 1,149
$124 1,150 - 1,549
$160 1,550 - 2,049
$198 2,050 - 2,549
$238 2,550 - 3,149


Includes Unlimited Email Reminders

No Setup or Training Fees

Test it Out 100% Risk Free for 60 Days!

"We used to spend 3 hours calling all our patients each day! AutoRemind is quick, easy, & simple. It works great!"

-Ken Rhudda, PT

Performace Physical Therapy