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Quick Patient Statements

Electronic Patient Intake

Lytec Easy Electronic Claims

Manually sending out patient statements is a thing of the past. Be able to quickly and easily send out statements AND patients can pay online!

Seamless Integration means you can send electronic claims from directly in Lytec- and even scrub them first! Claims are Paid Faster & Rejected Less!

Ditch the clipboard and forms your front desk is manually entering. Patients can electronically enter their own information and sign consent forms!

AR Tracking Tool

Enhanced Eligibility Checking

Claim Status Checking

The new AR tracking tool will allow staff to focus on their accounts receivable and work outstanding balances from within Lytec! With advanced filtering capabilities, staff can create customized workflows to help bring more revenue back in the door!

With the shift to payment responsibility over to patients, it's more important than ever before to get up to date eligibility information at or before the time of service.

In Lytec, you can now initiate a true claim status check through your clearinghouse and receive an electronic response that updates the status.

Features New Lytec Users Will Love

Features Current Lytec Users Will Want To Upgrade For

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Lytec Single User

Lytec Professional

Lytec Client Server

Great for those on a tight budget who primarily need to send claims and perform basic account management.

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Perfect for smaller networks of up to 5 users. Packed with all the functionality needed to manage the full revenue cycle for your practice, and loaded with advanced features.

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For installation on a network with a dedicated server and for up to 100 users! Lytec Client Server is perfect for a larger practice, and loaded with advanced features.

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Perfect for larger offices that have multiple users that need to access scheduling & accounting at the same time from different computers on the network.  Includes all the powerful features in Advanced plus more!  Also integrates with medisoft's EMR. 

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Lytec EHR Options

Online / Web-Based EMR. Easy to use with quick implementation & training. Fully integrated with Lytec.

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Lytec Plus EHR

Lytec's Server-Based EMR (Practice Partner). A robust, highly customizable EMR fully integrated with Lytec.

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Lytec MD EHR