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AZCOMP has been a Leading Software Partner for 15 years! Coincidence... We Don't Think So!

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We don't just sell Software. We understand the challenges Small Practices face &  we find powerful solutions to help! We've helped thousands of practices become more efficient, increase revenue, and most importantly- improve patient care. 

We are NOT a one man show. We have specialized teams who know the software inside and out. Each team is highly qualified in their area- like Support, Training, Installation, IT... Let's just say that the software companies come to us when they need help!

Its  no secret that the happiest and most efficient Software users are those properly trained. So we make sure that our customers get the expert training they need & won't find anywhere else- like Free Tips & Tricks videos on our blog, webinars, and our popular Training DVDs.

Here's why Small Practices Partner With AZCOMP:

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  • ICD-10 Background & Basic Understanding of the changes
  • Billing Challenges Caused by ICD-10
  • Software Features Specifically Built for ICD-10 Challenges
  • Testing for ICD-10: Mythbusters
  • How to Avoid an ICD-10 NIGTHMARE!

ICD-10 is everywhere... again! With so much information, from so many different sources, many people feel overwhelmed & don't know where to start. And that's exactly why we're doing this Free ICD-10 Webinar.

Don't miss this chance to get Reliable, Easy-To-Understand Info, Specific for Your Software (Medisoft or Lytec)  


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Our Expert Trainers will cover:

Estimated Duration: 45 Minutes

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Loree has been an amazing employee at AZCOMP almost since the beginning.  She became our very first "employee of the month" by making herself a nice little certificate and framing it.   Loree is the resource of all resources for Medisoft, Lytec and EHR and is an absolutely fantastic trainer.  Loree is on the McKesson Advisory Board and an industry expert for EHR and PM software training.   Loree is also married and a mother of 2.  She loves traveling, snow boarding, and spending time with her husband and kids and her 7 siblings that live close.

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