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Storage LevelMonthly Price
*Up to 1 GB$15
Up to 5 GB$20
Up to 10 GB$30
Up to 20 GB$40
Up to 30 GB$50
Up to 40 GB
Up to 50 GB
Over 50 GBCall for Pricing


One Time Setup Fee- $150

Is Your Current Setup HIPAA Compliant?

There are a few major mistakes that small practices make when it comes to HIPAA Compliant Backups

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Does it Backup Automatically? Yes. We typically set it up to run every night- but you can set it up to automatically run multiple times a day.

Am I notified if it isn't working? Yes. If there are any errors or problems an email will be sent to the designated contact at your office. In addition you can always click on the icon to view a complete history of all backups. 

Can I see a History of my backups? Yes. You can always click on the icon to view a complete history of all backups. 

Q: What if I need to do a restore? Simply call us and we can do that for you at no extra charge. Or if you prefer you can open the program and restore it yourself.

How much does it cost? That depends on the amount of data you choose to store. If your data exceeds the current package then you will be automatically moved up to the next level. 



Is it monitored? We monitor it and look for any customers that have not backed up for 5 days or more. We will contact those customers. Daily monitoring is up to the customer. We do not monitor exactly what the customer is backing up- that is up to the customer to ensure.

Who will be able to see my backup? No one. The backup is encrypted (256 bit encryption- super high level) and stored in a military-grade facility

Can I backup more than just Medisoft or Lytec? Yes. You decide how little or how much you want backed up. You can also add extra data whenever you want.

If I want to sign up what is process? 1st- fill out the form above. 2nd- complete the agreement. 3rd- scheduling will contact you to setup an appointment. 4th- we will setup your backup. 5th- Your backup will automatically run and your credit card will be charged for the data used each month.  


You data is priceless and needs to be properly protected-   even if you're "just a small practice"

Manual Backups are Unreliable, Sporadic, Unsecure, & Prone to Human Error. Start Backing up the Right Way!

It Has To Be OFF-SITE- most small practices manually backup to a local external hard drive. HIPAA Requires an Off-Site Backup.


It Has To Be SECURE- a thumb drive in someone's purse or car is not secure.


It Has to Meet LOTS of Other HIPAA Rules- Practices often pay for an online backup that isn't actually HIPAA compliant. For example: Organizations storing PHI in offsite storage locations must follow sections 164.502 and 164.504 of HIPAA, requiring Covered Entities to sign Business Associate Agreements with their Business Associates. Using a Company that understands and meets requirements is critical.





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